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IMCOAST Offers Bank Instruments And Private Cash Loan:
MIN- $200,000 MAX- $20 BIL,2% Interest rate,1 Year+ grace period.



Financial Engineering : Legal and financial arrangements and international planning to obtain financing solutions, make acquisitions, and monetize financial instruments.

Fund Raising : Raise capital and provide loans through a network of investors and issuers of financial instruments, negotiate and implement guarantee procedures.

Asset & Cash Management : Management Consulting for Private Individuals and Family Businesses on portfolio of securities, mainly unlisted values and real estate assets.Guidance provided on possibilities offered by Private Placements Opportunities (PPO).

International Planning : Identify the best organizational solutions in terms of investment opportunities, safety and tax optimization.


Financing of large Projects : Implementing protocols for emission of Sovereign and/or Financial Guarantees by States, for the financing of major infrastructure projects; negotiating credit lines with private investors and financial organizations.

Financing of Private Public Partnership : Implementing financial solutions including structured finance for investment programs.

Working principles


Structured Finance involves all activities and products developed to provide funding to the economic actors while reducing risk thanks to the use of complex financial structures (senior debt, equity, securization, …)

ImCoast organizes these fund raisings with an international network of investors, brokers and other providers of funds and/or financial instruments. According to precise protocols, imCoast acts as advisor at the reimbursement stage.

We support States in the financing of major projects by issuing Sovereign Guarantees without incurring debt.

IMCOAST Is 100% Customer Friendly. On this Platform Clients Are Treated Eventually Like Partners.